Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenya Data Networks Butterfly wireless network company not serious

We recently acquired a mobile pc that runs on the linux backbone.

Naturally, we wished to use its wireless network to access the internet...because we could not always be in the few free hotspots in town.

And naturally...we contacted butterfly.

They reported to have two offerings, one a monthly payment of KES 2,900 for unlimited internet access for a month, the second being scratch cards in denominations starting KES 200.

This is where the strange conduct begins.

First, we are told that we can purchase these scratch cards from a company in Lakhamshi building. We climb the stairs (there is no lift in this building) only to be told that they do not sell these scratch cards.

Second, we are told that there is another dealer in Postbank house. 14th floor. We decide to call first...and are told that they do not deal with Butterfly products.

Quite amazingly, Kenya Data Networks does not appear to have dealers in this city of Nairobi.

We are compelled to drive all the way to Kenya Data Networks Mombasa road to purchase a KES 200 scratchcard, which expires within 12 hours of activation. What a waste of fuel, time and our patience.

It is incomprehensible how a sales company would purport to be selling internet scratch cards, and yet again, not be selling the same.

It also has no agents in the CBD, in spite of declaring on its website that it does. With the kind of resources it has expended in setting up its network, it is quite puzzling why Kenya Data Networks would experience the above serious shortcomings.

The safaricom USB modem broadband internet seems to be a more viable and responsible option....and this from a customer who has been on kencell/celtel since inception.


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I do agree and as I write I am also in need of the one for the monthly card for the 2200/= but I just cannot find any outlet selling their cards. Strange

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