Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kenyan Elections - some truths

It has taken quite sometime to digest what has been happening since the Presidential, Parliamentary and Civic Elections took place in Kenya on 27th December 2007.

The after effects of the PNU victory at the expense of ODM in Kenya retains a bitter taste in our mouths.

There is no doubt that an act of genocide has occurred, particularly in Eldoret, where women and children of the Kikuyu tribe were burnt to death in a church, where they had gone to seek the Lord's safety and shelter.

His revenge will surely come to those who have stained his sanctury with innocent blood.

There is also no doubt that neither of Raila Odinga or President Mwai Kibaki, have sufficient statesmanship to give in, if only to avoid further loss of lives and property.

In any event, neither Raila Odinga nor President Kibaki, won the popular vote, considering that Kalonzo Musyoka, now Vice-President, garnered approximately one million votes.

Neither of this men therefore have the right to say that Kenyans have spoken to elect one or the other, because it is simply not true.

The apparently unnecessary police shootings simply reiterate the need for an independent Commission to receive complaints on police excesses, with power to prosecute and terminate employment of such officers.

There is nothing that would compel one brother to kill another, simply because of loss of elections, whether rigged or not.

Some one or some people have been instigating this violence.

Can they be quickly arrested and charged.

The Law Society of Kenya should also receive some barbs...they have claimed that Courts are unlikely to offer a solution to the constitutional issues that have David Ndii said, then they should resign and go home.

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